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Constipation in Children

Presenter: Lulu Becker

In this 1-hour presentation, Lulu explains why 1 in 5 children become constipated and how we can get them to poo happily again

This course can be watched on its own if you are only struggling with constipation.


If you would like to watch the bedwetting presentation please DONT buy this course and buy the Constipation in Children and Bedwetting bundle here.  

Cost: R90 

This course is aimed at parents of children struggling with constipation

3-month access to the recording

To access the course fill in the registration form and make payment

Enrollment can take up to 24 hours. 

What are parents saying?

Thanks Lulu - that was really interesting - I was convinced that T was the opposite of constipated but now I’m not sure at all!!! He’s low tone, hyper mobile and got SPD. I’m definitely going to implement your tips and monitor. I really look forward to the bed wetting webinar.

Thanks so much for the seminar.  

We found it very helpful and definitely fall into the category of those who thought our son wasn't constipated but now think he might be

I have just watched the Constipation webinar, so so interesting and a lot learnt, thank you!

Thank you for your time with these webinars! It’s scary how our daughter ticked nearly every box (concern) in the constipation and bed wetting sessions. 

Just this morning I found a pair of skid marked panties in the bathroom that’s been ‘hidden’ in the hope that we won’t notice. She has never had a dry night (once when we took her to a chiro) and is nearly 6 and still in pull ups.  She also has never had a day with a ‘dry’ nappy and has recurrent UTI’s which we have tried to manage on our own without a Dr’s visit every time. Afternoons are often accompanied by tummy ache moans and often end in tears because she is in so much pain.

I cannot tell you how much light you have she’s in our situation!!! 

About Lulu Becker

Lulu Becker is a Physiotherapist with an interest in pelvic and women’s health and Mum of 2 little girls. 


Lulu studied at Wits in Johannesburg, and then completed her community service in her home town of Kokstad before moving to London.


In London, Lulu began working in the pelvic health Physio, and has worked solely in this area for over 10 years. 5 years ago, she trained with Dawn Sandalcidi from the USA, a renowned expert in children’s constipation and incontinence and since then has helped children with constipation, day time wee and poo leaks and bedwetting.


Lulu has assisted Dawn in teaching her advanced course in the USA, as well as hosting her own course teaching Physio’s in SA to treat children who are struggling with bladder and bowel issues.


After 12 years in London, Lulu and her family moved back to La Lucia, Durban where she now practices from her home. 


These webinars, were originally taught in lockdown 2020, and were very well received by Parents seeking help with their children’s bladder and bowel function. 


We hope that they enable you to help your own child with their constipation and or bed wetting.


You need to watch the constipation one prior to watching the bed wetting one.