Face to Face Consulatations

What does a Pelvic Health Consultation entail?

Every consultation begins with a comprehensive assessment. We conduct a thorough interview as well as a physical examination. The contents of the interview and examination will depend on what you are coming for. A comprehensive management plan will be created with you. Our goal is to find the source of your symptoms and try to provide you with long term active, high-value management strategies. 

Face to Face Consultation and COVID-19

During the COVID epidemic, we are doing face to face consultations. We are following strict screening and sanitisation protocols. We ask that you please wear your mask at all times and wash and sanitise your hands.

What should I wear?

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we do not have any shorts at the practice. Please wear appropriate clothing so that the therapist can examine you properly.

Will I have to have an internal examination?

The pelvic floor muscles can only be felt with a vaginal or rectal examination. In some patients, it may be necessary to do an internal examination.

In women, an internal examination is helpful to assess for prolapse and the tightness and strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

We do not routinely do internal examinations on men unless specifically indicated. 

We do not do internal examinations on children or on anyone who does not consent to an internal examination.

If you are nervous about an internal examination please speak to your physiotherapist. We do not need to do an internal examination if you would prefer not to have one done and there is a LOT we can do without the internal examination. 

How long is a consultation?

Every consultation is an hour in length 

Do you submit to medical aids​?

We do submit to medical aids and we charge within medical aid rates. 

Please email us with any questions you may have regarding our consultations- info@westvillephysio.co.za
If you would prefer to email one of our physiotherapists directly please email Mandy Roscher on mandy@westvillephysio.co.za