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Help with Registering as a Physio in New Zealand

Presenter: Mandy Roscher

Target Audience: Physiotherapists

Online Course

Registering as a Physiotherapist in New Zealand can be an extremely daunting task! 

It can take ages just figuring out precisely what they want from you, let alone the huge task of actually putting together your portfolio of information.

This Course Pack is aimed at guiding you step by step through the process so it takes all the guesswork away.


Videos that take you through each of the following forms
  • Application form

  • Police Clearance and HPCSA Documents

  • English Proficiency

  • CV and Validation of Work History

  • Academic Transcript Curriculum and Supervised Hours

  • Physiotherapy Practice Thresholds

  • Treaty of Waitangi

  • Cultural Competence Statement

  • Supporting Evidence Requirements

  • How to write reflective statements

Document Folder containing
  • Table of contents with explanations of each document required

  • Practice Threshold spreadsheet as seen in the video

  • Articles that you could use for the Treaty of Waitangi 


Important to Note

The New Zealand board are very strict about you submitting work that you have completed yourself. 

This course pack is aimed at guiding you through the process but you will have to complete all the documents and write all your reflective statements yourself. 

This course DOES NOT – provide you with any completed documents. 

CPD skills does not take responsibility if your application is rejected or returned by the New Zealand Physiotherapy Board