Online Consultations

Why should I do an online pelvic health physiotherapy consultation?

There are very few physiotherapists that train in pelvic health. If you live in one of the big cities you will most likely have physiotherapy who treats women pelvic health problems, someone who treats men or children may be more difficult to find. If you live in more remote areas, the chances of someone in your area doing pelvic health is very slim. 

Pelvic health physiotherapy consists of a lot of education, exercises and rehabilitation. All of which can be successfully delivered online. 

If we at any stage feel that we can not manage your particular condition we will refer you to your local physiotherapist or GP immediately. 

How do online Physiotherapy consultations work?

A full interview will be conducted which will be able to give us the full picture of your condition. 

We may ask you to perform basic movements to assess the quality and amount of movement you have. 

We will never ask you to expose any sensitive body areas during the session. 

Are consultations telephonic or video?


What platform do you use?

Our platform of choice is the Physioplus telehealth platform. This provides a secure connection and requires no software installation. However, we can do consultations via a WhatsApp video call as this has secure end-to-end encryption. 

How long is an online consultation?

Every consultation is an hour in length 

Please email us with any questions you may have regarding online consultations- info@westvillephysio.co.za
If you would prefer to email one of our physiotherapists directly please email Mandy Roscher on mandy@westvillephysio.co.za