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Pelvic Printables to Download 
Created by Mandy Roscher
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Cost: R100

Includes male and female versions

To access the downloads fill in the registration form and make payment

Paypal enrollment is immediate  

Credit card and EFT enrollment can take up to 24 hours. 

Contact Mandy at for any questions 


Video Example of The Pelvis Printables

How to use the printables
  • You can print them as A4 (more life-size to show patients) or A3 (better for teaching).

  • 2 copies can be printed and stuck back to back for better aesthetics. 

  • Holes can be cut for the perineal body to link all the layers together. 

  • Holes can be cut for the vagina and anal canal for demonstration of internal examination.

  • The black lines between the iliococcygeus and coccygeus muscle are for cutting and you can fold and stick the iliococcygeus side behind the coccygeus muscle to make it 3D.


You can do whatever you want with them except for reselling them or sharing the PDFs with others.