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The Practical Pelvis

Presenter: Mandy Roscher

Target Audience: Physiotherapists

Online Course

Course Details
2x 3 hour Live Online Lectures
Will be Recorded
Access to Recording for 6 months!
Part 1: 25 July 2021 -
08:00-11:00 (GMT+2) check your timezone
Part 2: 1 August 2021 -
08:00-11:00 (GMT+2) 

At the end of 2020, Mandy Roscher presented her online course, The Functional Pelvis, to over 250 Physiotherapists. Now join her for a 6 hour follow on course The Practical Pelvis. This is aimed at MSK Physios who would like to zoom in and incorporate the pelvic floor muscles into their rehab toolbox. It also for Women's Health Physios that would like to zoom out and recap the MSK and bigger picture biomechanics of the body.  

Part 1

–Key Concepts and The Abdominal Canister

–The Roof- Diaphragm

–The Front- Abdominals

–The Back- Lumbar and SIJ

Part 2

–The Floor- The Pelvic Floor

–Co-ordinating the Canister

–Rehabbing along the Myofascial Trains

    Pelvic Conditions and the MSK Physios Role

Mandy's Previous Course Testimonials

Mandy is brilliant and it's been a blessing to be on this course. She's tackling areas that have been so grey up until now yet so important to all musculoskeletal patients. This has helped me on a personal and professional level and I'm so grateful. I look forward to every module and she makes it so funny and interesting yet logical!

About Mandy Roscher

Mandy Röscher is a Physiotherapist living in Brisbane, Australia

Mandy qualified from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa in 2008. She has worked in Private Practice since she qualified. She has a keen special interest in Women and Children's Pelvic Health. She is also passionate about communication and pain neuroscience, 

Mandy has a passion for teaching and has given a variety of lectures to qualified physiotherapists on a variety of subjects particularly on Pain Neurophysiology, Pain Neuroscience Education and Communication.

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