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The Functional Pelvis Course
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The Practical Pelvis 

Presenter: Mandy Roscher

Target Audience: Physiotherapists interested in learning more about the Pelvis

After completing The Functional Pelvis were you left wanting more?

Join Mandy Roscher on this 12-hour course that will cover the Assessment and Management of Pelvic Related conditions that a MSK physiotherapist will encounter on a day-to day basis

This course is a follow on from The Functional Pelvis.

You do not have to do the Functional Pelvis as a pre-requisite but there will be an assumption of knowledge and information from The Functional Pelvis will not be repeated


It is aimed at 2 different types of Physiotherapists
  1. The MSK therapist that is interested in the pelvis, pelvic floor and pelvic related conditions who is aiming to pursue a career in Women’s Health

  2. OR it is for the therapist who does NOT want to pursue a career in Women’s Health but wants to learn more about the assessment and management of the pelvis and pelvic conditions that a general MSK physiotherapist can treat.

It is a course aimed at bridging the gap from undergraduate to Women’s Health level 1.

It will help you to see if a career in Women or Men’s Pelvic Health is right for you. But, the primary goal of the course is for you to be able to treat your patients with any sort of pelvic pain whether it is lower back, SIJ, Hip, Deep Gluts or any other part around the pelvis

Why do you need to do the Functional Pelvis Course?

Watch this video!

Course Outline

Module 1- Clinical Patterns around the Pelvis


In this module, we will look at the various clinical patterns that occur around the pelvis. We will go into Lumbar, SIJ, Hip and Pelvic Floor related presentations focusing on the anatomical and biomechanical contributors to these. We will also look at how to recognize pelvic conditions that are beyond your area of expertise and knowing your limitations.


Module 2- Assessment Unpacked


In this module, we will take a detailed look at what questions you need to ask during the interview as well as all the necessary tests, examinations and assessments needed for a detailed pelvic MSK physical examination.

*This will not include any internal examination.


Module 3- Treatment Options for the Pelvis


In this module, we will go through the various treatment strategies that can be helpful in treating conditions in and around the pelvis. We will cover Pelvic Pain Neuroscience Education, helpful manual therapy techniques, breathing re-education and prescription, how to activate the pelvic floor muscles and how to lengthen (relax) and strengthen appropriately (and also when to recognise you that need help from a more specialized Pelvic Physio). We will also cover general Rehabilitation to manage  pelvic, hip, back and SIJ conditions


Module 4- Clinical Reasoning and Case Examples


In this module, we will tie up modules 1-3 by using Case examples of real-life patients that have conditions such as Diastasis Rectus Abdominus, Chronic Back and Gluteal Pain (as a result of a tight and weak pelvic floor), Chronic Back, Gluteal and Hip pain (as a result of a very weak pelvic floor), the Female Athlete that leaks, the “Simple” Incontinence Patients as well as a few more complex cases that have a mix of everything.

Pre-Course Price

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Price increases to R2500 from 17 April

All sessions will be recorded, and recordings will be available for 6 months.

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7am-10am (GMT+2 South Africa Time)

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