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The Nuts & Bolts of Radical Prostatectomy:
How to manage your prostatectomy patient

Presenter: Dr Joanne Milios

Target Audience: Physiotherapists

CPD Skills has partnered with Dr Joanne Milios to help raise funds for important Prostate Cancer Research.

The entire proceeds of this lecture will go towards the purchase of the RTUS probe.

About this Project

Do you want to join me in making a difference for men with Prostate Cancer?

Seeking your assistance with a donation to purchase a new real-time ultrasound probe. 

Together with prostate cancer survivor, Bill Van Didden,  I'm currently assisting in a new research project to help raise money  for the purchase of new equipment to help us improve the quality of life outcomes for men undergoing radiation therapies for prostate cancer.  We have been raising funds ourselves, but are in need of some additional assistance. The equipment required is a specific probe which is attached to a real-time ultrasound machine (RTUS) to investigate pelvic floor muscle function. We have had a generous discount from the provider of a demo probe,  but only if purchased ASAP. Hence the SOS!

Unfortunately,  men who require radiation therapy may experience urinary and bowel incontinence, plus  Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as a result of treatment. For patients who receive surgery for Prostate Cancer,  receiving pelvic floor muscle training is essential and a mandatory part of standard care, however for men undergoing radiation no such research or rehabilitation exists.  At the University of Western Australia (UWA), we have recently pioneered and published new protocols for men undergoing radical prostatectomy, (surgery) but there is a major gap for radiation patients.  Currently, radiation therapy DO NOT receive Physiotherapy treatment routinely, despite a high likelihood of side effects. Incontinence and sexual dysfunction tend to worsen over time following radiation and this is what we need to now observe a measure! The new RTUS probe and software to develop it is the aim of our fundraiser!

Our goal is to start a pilot study to investigate exactly what we need to do to accurately assess problems of the pelvic floor and nearby blood vessels after receiving radiation therapy. to see how we can best help design treatment 

Unfortunately, our recent research grant application just missed out on acceptance due to major reductions in funding in COVID. However, we would like to push on with this research, regardless but to do need to purchase a high-quality probe to do just this.  

But we need $12 000 in a hurry. 


Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to  many!