Women's Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Taking time to sort out pelvic issues may seem last on your to-do list.

Leaking, constipation, prolapse and pain with sex can all be a bit embarrassing to talk about and so no one does.

Do you know how common all of these are?

Here are some pelvic statistics 

1 in 3 ladies leak

1 in 5 ladies are constipated (and I think this statistic is understated)

50% of ladies will have some degree of prolapse 

15% of ladies have pain with sex

You are not alone! 

The good news is there is help available. Mandy Roscher is our Pelvic PT who treats all the ladies with pelvic problems. She is a mom herself and knows just how hectic life can get. Her approach is to figure out the root cause of what is going on with you and give simple strategies (that fit in with your busy life!) to help manage what you are struggling with.